Monday, February 05, 2007


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Sunday, November 19, 2006


The immortal combo of Illayaraja and Vairamuthu..

I started going to gym quite regular these days.. although I have always hated to do the tread mill monotonously... I am pretty much in a bad shape now.. I really really need to loose weight. I have gained 20Kgs (yes not pounds!) after I came to US.

I decided that some interesting business/tech magazine and music could go along very well to make the arduous task of trend mill or elliptical much more interesting. I loaded my humble 512MB sony MP3 player with some nice melodies of 80's and early 90's mostly illayarajas...

I couldn't believe for myself that I enjoyed the songs soo much. They were just spectacular.. Each of these songs were so unique and so melodious.. so soothing.. I began to wonder how Illayaraja was able to create so many distinct, unique and classic piece of masterpiece. When I listened more closely.. I couldn't distinguish more than 5 or 6 instruments that he used for all these songs!!

Mirudhangam was the base in almost all of his scores.. flute plays a major role as well.. violin another strong score .. other than these there were very less intruments being used. Mostly it was voice modulation!!

To this master ragams...and thalams, the genius vairamuthu adds the exquisite sauce of lyrics. His heavenly imagination can only be matched by the beautiful might of his lyrics. As if this wasn't enough, K.J.Yesudhas and SPBB garnish it giving it a divine life! A piece of Immortal music which, I am sure will last for years, much more than any of A.R.Rehmans and Harris Jeyaraj's or Yuvan's.

I wouldn't dare to say ARR , HJ or Yuvan are any less talented folks..but I think there is some clear distinction between them and Illayaraja. ARR, HJ and Yuvan live and excel in the present time. Illayaraja is undoubtebly a shining landmark in the vast space of eternity!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Ice Age Meltdown

aah..what a relaxation u get after a hearty laugh for 90min.. sweeeet...!!

we had been to the ice age.. last friday when it released.. and it was simply..suuperb.. not perhaps quite on the ranks of its original version but..still on par with any other animation movie.. which, needless to say anymore, .. are the most that I enjoy... I recently saw Madagascar as well.. which was also a great movie..

common guys.. be fair.. think of the creativity and professional excellence these movies portray..with the standard default movies types of Vijay.. within 10min of movies start you are sure to witness a introduction song with a introduction fight sequence for no reasons what so ever..
there isn't one film where vijay is not right and not victorious in the end.. hez the god of all thathuvams and all rule n ethics of love/love marriage.. he shud prb go n start something like "love dharbhar" like our visu's "arattai arangam" ..!! ok.. nothing hard on "arattai arangam" plz.. i appreciate the effort although not fully appreciate of the program..well thats my personnel take..lets leave it there..

coming to movies.. I hate to say.. but our indian movies are still in the 19th century.. with very little improvements.. we might have perhaps improved technically but.. alas nothing creatively....

what a pity..!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


No wonder American's are STUPID!!

Just came across this news clip..
"after extensive and elaborate reasearch which spanned many years.. american reasearch study has found that.. "Loneliness could be hazardous to health" !!!!!!!!!! especially in old adults who are above 50years have high blood pressure and depression.. !!!

can you just imagine that they are doing such kind of silly research.. i thgt it was obvious for indians like 500 or more yrs ago itself.. that.. loneliness is bad..!!!

and these guys are only understanding that now..hahaa

I had come across another research..wherein they did extensive reaserch and found out that.. if you keep drinking beer then it makes the opposite sex more attractive.. that is u get to feel that the gal in mini skirt over there in the bar is more attractive than when you would have thgt when u were not drunk..!!!!

what a reasearch..illa..!! :)

ithukkellam oru research..!! hhehe

mappula irundha.. kaludha kooda..figure madiri theriyum.. just like koundamani says in 16vayadinile.. "16 vayasula kazhuda koodathaan azhaga irukkum..!! " .. :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


438/9: Choke on this, Aussies!!!

Well, I am sure this is talk of town, talk of the worl of cricket overshadowing our kin Indian test victory.

When I heard about this from shiva, when I had called him over this weekend, I could only say..
"What the could this ever be possible!! "

yes.. I still can't believe how this could be ever possible..!! first of all hitting anything >300 is itslef a big score. anything above 400 has been discarded unthinkable, unimaginable thus far..

well...when one starts to admire at aussies for setting this score.. we are left with nothing but amazment as the floor sweeps under you and now south africa reciprocates in style.

Just think.. Aussies wud have been in seventh or perhaps seventieth skies waking to dressing room pompous and big-headed over their own feat...only to plummet from South African thrashings

While I can atleast imagine the plight of Aussies.. I cannot even imagine the grit and attitude of south african's who even had the miniscule thought of ...fucking.. giving a shot!!!

I did not see the match.. just reading through the news by itself hair raising experience for me.. It would have been no less that absolute relish for those watched the match..

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